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last updated: August 8, 2009

Arriving soon:  listing for separate 10 acre property, approved for single home residential or mobile home.


Damascus Road Subdivision

Sturgeon, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Ernie and Laura Davis

Property Description

This property is situated in Kings County, directly east of and across the road from the beautiful and historic St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church on Highway 17A (Cambridge Road) Sturgeon, PEI. Located approximately 15 minutes from Montague, the nearest full amenity town, and only 10 minutes to scenic Panmure Island beach, this government approved subdivision offers 27 country villa year round residential and summer seasonal cottage building lots, ranging from 0.58 acres to 2.34 acres.

The subdivision lots which have been surveyed, pinned and perc tested, are government approved based on water and soil samples to accomodate private wells and septic systems as required.

The Official and Approved Plan includes two private right of ways, Damascus Road and Laura's Lane. At the end of Laura's Lane is a 3.39 acre park area/green space.

Each interior lot will come with deeded access along the private right of ways to the public, paved roads.

The property is the remaining acreage of a century plus family farm which has had no chemical fertilizers or pesticides in at least the 33 years since the present owners purchased it in 1975. At that time, it was mainly hay fields, but has since been allowed to grow up, and now features a nice growth of vegetation and mature trees,  which create a tranquil, private home atmosphere in an established country setting.

Subdivision Plan Map

Click on your future lot in the map below to read detailed information

Lot 06-1 Lot 06-2 Lot 06-3 Lot 06-4 Lot 06-5 Lot 08-6 Lot 08-7 Lot 08-8 Lot 08-9 Lot  08-10 Lot 08-11 Lot 08-12 Lot 08-13 Lot 08-14 Lot 08-15 Lot 08-16 Lot 08-17 Lot 08-18 Lot 08-19 Lot 08-20 Lot 08-21 Lot 08-22 Lot 08-23 Lot 08-24 Lot 08-25 Lot 08-26 Lot 08-27

1978 Aerial view of farm
1978 Aerial view of farm
Subdivision Area outlined in RED

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